Aisling Fenix

About the Author

Aisling Fenix is a passionate explorer of life and self. In faithful pursuit of this lofty ideal, she has held many positions from leek planter to maritime lawyer and just about everything in between. This, whilst living in numerous countries over several continents.


She currently resides in Germany with her husband and two young children having just spent three years living aboard a 45ft sailing yacht crossing oceans and exploring worlds together.
Aisling is a sailor, writer and storyteller. Her collection of blogs The Saoirse Diaries chronicle her family’s experience sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.


She is a firm believer in trusting our intuition to guide us to where we need to be and an advocate for living life on our own terms undeterred by the judgment of others.


Having returned to shore she is listening intently to the murmurings within to reveal the next great adventure life has in store and in the meantime working on her novel.

Aisling Fenix is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Journeys of Self-Discovery and Resilience - (Vol-III). Her chapter is "A Call of the Wild."

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