Why Choose Us

Choose us as your publisher for an unparalleled publishing experience. We are committed to providing exceptional support and expertise throughout the publishing process. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your book receives the attention and care it deserves. With our extensive network and industry knowledge, we are well-equipped to help you reach a wide audience and achieve success. Trust us to bring your book to life and make your publishing journey a memorable one.

Personalized Guidance

We offer personalized guidance throughout the publishing process, from refining your manuscript to designing a captivating cover, ensuring your book aligns with your vision.

Flexibility and Creative Freedom

With us, you have creative control over your book, allowing for customization and flexibility in choosing publishing formats that cater to your preferences and target audience.


With us, you retain 100% ownership and copyrights of your book, ensuring that you have full control over its distribution and future use.

Editing & Customised Design Cover

Our professional editors will carefully review your manuscript, offering valuable feedback to enhance its quality. Our custom book cover design services ensure a visually appealing and captivating representation of your book.

Marketing and Promotion

We provide comprehensive marketing and promotional strategies to boost your book’s visibility. Our tailored campaigns include social media promotions and Amazon No.1 bestseller strategy, ensuring your book reaches its target audience.


With print-on-demand, we can fulfil book orders as they come in, ensuring that neither you nor our publishing house needs to bear the burden of stocking and managing physicalinventory.

Transparent and Fair Contracts

When you publish with us, you can expect transparent and fair contractual terms. We are committed to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with our authors,ensuring that your rights as the creator are protected.

100% Royalties

When you choose to publish with us, you take home 100% of the profits from book sales. We do not claim any portion of the royalties, enabling you to maximize your earning potential and financial success.

Live Sales Report

We offer a live sales report feature that allows authors to monitor the performances of their books through personalised publishing dashboard.

Books Awards

We participate in annual Book Awards through our membership with the Singapore Book Publishing Association (SBPA), recognising exceptional literary works and honouring talented Authors.


We offer audiobook production services, handling everything from narrator casting to recording and editing, to help authors reach a broader audience.

Multilingual Publishing

We provide multilingual publishing services, allowing authors to translate their work into different languages and expand their reach.


The Book Mapping and Book Coaching Mentorship program spans 21 weeks. Throughout the program, authors can expect guidance in various aspects, including clarifying their ideas and dreams for the book, determining its positioning and viability, creating a book outline, developing a writing plan, editing each chapter, and ultimately completing the final manuscript.


book viability

Evaluating viability by market trends, competition and potential demand.


guidance & support

Developing writing style, tone and voice that suits the author’s book.


book cover design

Assistance with creating book cover design that represents the essence of the book.


Book outline

Creation of chapter breakdowns and table of contents to provide clear roadmap.


Writing plan

Outlines specific writing goals, deadlines, and milestones to keep author motivated.

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