Aldwyn Altuney

About the Author

Aldwyn Altuney is a mass media marketing expert. Known as the Media Queen, she is a TV host, speaker, photojournalist and author of multiple international best-selling books.


With 39 years of media experience, her PR company, AA Xposé Media, guarantees results in the mainstream media.


She is passionate about inspiring more good news in the mass media to help decrease depression and suicide rates and lift people’s spirits.


She founded the global Good News Day in 2018, which is run annually on 8 August, and the monthly Global Good News Challenge in June 2020.


Also an animal activist, she founded Animal Action Events in 2007 and has run 16 annual charity events so far, raising awareness, appreciation and respect for all animals.


As a stand for truth, good news and animal welfare, one of her favourite sayings is by Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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