Amye Wong

About the Author

Amye Wong is a food technologist by profession. In 2021 she started sharing her stories by writing on social media platforms. She fell in love with writing and started the habit of writing there and then. 


Be it through gratitude journaling, or sharing on social media feeds and stories, Amye learned to express her feelings, happiness, joy and even her unhappiness through words. 


She hopes to help her readers to transform together, find their life purpose, and ultimately achieve the abundance that they want in life. 


Amye has taken eight months to transform gradually from a person who totally lost hope in life to a person spreading the light around. And she is so glad she didn’t stop there. She keeps finding her authentic self and keeps spreading light to people around her. 


Amye wishes to hear from you, about you, and your stories to spread out more light!

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