Ana Lucia Lind

About the Author

Ana Lucia Lind is an international banker, financial advisor, asset/wealth manager and investor. She is an entrepreneur and strategic advisor to Governments and devoted philanthropist.


She is recognised as a leading expert in finance in the emerging markets Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. She builds bridges between emerging markets and industrialised countries.


Ana Lucia has worked in leadership positions at the UBS Bank Head Quarter in Switzerland, UBS Bank Frankfurt-Germany, Julius Baer and Metzler Bank Frankfurt and at Swiss Capital Engineering AG Zurich before Co-founding Swiss Financial Engineering AG.


In her role as asset and fund manager for the UBS Bank Frankfurt, she has managed over US$2.5 billion. She started her career in investment banking in Germany and has been a guest speaker at various economic forums worldwide.


She devotes her life to more than seven thousand children throughout the world.


Chapter Title: The Target is Just There Ahead of You, Stay Focused

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