Angela Hancock

About the Author

Angela Hancock has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. She was introduced to a simple nutritional system in 2014 that helped her to shed 10 menopausal pounds that had formed a muffin top that no amount of exercise could shift.  


As her waistline expanded, so did her sense of frustration and despair.  However, within 30 days of using this system, not only did she have her waist back, but she found her passion for life.  

Angela started sharing this system with other women and helping them through their own transformational journeys, and so Bust-A-Rut was formed. Angela quickly became the #1 consultant in Hong Kong, and a recognised global leader for the company; speaking and training at numerous events around the world. 

Angela is an NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Integrated Hypnotherapist, as well as a Master Trainer for the T30 Fitness Limited and HIITStep.

Angela Hancock is the co-author of the book#MyVoice - Journeys of Survival, Empowerment and Self-Compassion (Vol-IV). Her chapter is "Free to be Me".

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