Ania Wojtkowska

About the Author

Originally from Poland, Ania Wojtkowska spent a decade in Denmark after graduating with a degree in political science, before relocating to Singapore in 2013. She spent many years in corporate administration but never managed to find her true vocation.


A passionate foodie she always dreamt of swapping her busy office for a kitchen environment. To pursue this goal, she graduated from Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition by Dr Colin Campbell (USA) and plant-based nutrition from Winchester University (UK) and attended numerous cookery schools across Europe and Asia.


She now teaches the philosophy of healthy living through healthy eating at She uses her nutritional knowledge in practical terms, with – cooking classes, dining events, restaurant consultations, and nutritional workshops, where she promotes the connection between diet and wellbeing.


Ania Wojtkowska is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance (Vol-I). Her chapter is "Feed Your Passion Now."

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