Anindyo Naskar

About the Author

Anindyo Naskar’s passion lies in developing people’s capabilities and careers, collaborating with them as designers and strategic thought partners to facilitate leadership and organizational transformation. Over the past 20 years, his strong desire to find his “raison d’être” or reason for being has driven his dedication to developing individuals and shaping their career journeys. Anindyo firmly believes in the concept of “self as an instrument of change” and continually strives to support leaders, teams, and organizations in turning their vision into reality. He is technologically savvy and enjoys driving initiatives to improve performance using the latest technology. Anindyo excels at leading change in times of uncertainty and ambiguity, and he is a skilled generator of innovation and empowerment. Currently, Anindyo serves as the Head of Learning and Development for a global retail organization and has been recognized with multiple awards as a certified professional coach by CIPD, ATD, and ILM.


According to Anindyo’s colleagues, he is a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, and innovative expert who can be relied upon to provide superior solutions during times of need. He lives in Dubai with his wife Sujata, daughter Aashi, and their pet Coco. In his free time, Anindyo enjoys reading, listening to music, and traveling. His aspirations include becoming a Learning Consultant and Performance Technologist in the near future.

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