Anna Joke Breimer Bharati

About the Author

Anna Joke Breimer Bharati is passionate about leadership development and working with the leaders of the future. Through her brand Tomorrow College she helps leaders develop the power skills they need, and with her Courageous Teams solution, she helps those leaders come together in powerful teams.


Before creating these solutions under her company, The Breimer Group, Anna was an Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company, spending close to a decade with the consulting firm in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. During her time as a consultant, Anna specialised in leadership, people analytics, teamwork, and talent.


Originally from The Netherlands and residing in Singapore for over a decade, Anna holds a BSc in Building Sciences, an MSc in Architectural Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD.


Anna has passionately been involved in many initiatives to advance women throughout her career. These range from recruiting to specialised training programmes, research projects, mentorship and dedicated events.


Chapter Title: In Case of Doubt: Promote Her

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