Anuradha Dhawan

About the Author

Anuradha Dhawan is an accomplished retail professional with an impressive track record of over 25 years in the fashion and beauty industry. Since settling in Dubai in 1997, she has played a vital role in the success of renowned international brands across the UAE and wider Middle East markets.


Anuradha possesses a profound understanding of market dynamics and customer preferences, making her an exceptional brand ambassador. She has the ability to translate business requirements into practical solutions while prioritising opportunities for value creation for the brands she oversees.


Beyond her professional accolades, Anuradha is widely recognised as an influential guest speaker. She has been honoured at prestigious universities, notable business seminars, and esteemed media platforms, including top radio stations in the UAE. Her captivating talks revolve around purposeful leadership, equitable professional practices, and sustainable solutions, sparking meaningful conversations.


Environmental responsibility is a cause close to Anuradha’s heart, and she actively advocates for sustainability both in her personal and professional life. Alongside her remarkable career, Anuradha cherishes her role as a nurturing mother to her daughter, who is currently pursuing her business studies in Canada. Anuradha finds joy in planning holidays with her husband and values the importance of personal well-being. Engaging in activities like nature walks, yoga, meditation, listening to music, and reading brings her solace and rejuvenation.

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