Arthi Rabikrisson

About the Author

Arthi Rabikrisson is a global award-winning ICF-certified leadership coach, featured and recognised across various global publications, including Finance Monthly, The NYC Journal and CIO Times.


She is the Founder and Managing Director of Prerna Advisory, a South African-based firm focusing on neuroscience-based coaching and assessment for individuals, teams and corporate organisations in South Africa and internationally. Arthi also consults on strategy for SMEs and is a capital introducer.


She is a key contributor and member of the Forbes Coaches Council and an opt-in member of the Advisory Council for the Harvard Business Review. Arthi’s purpose is to inspire others to find their purpose towards impact. 


Through mentoring, business coaching, keynote speaking, podcasts, training, and even as a board director, she strives to unlock a person’s latent potential and harness it for personal and societal benefit.


Chapter Title: Embracing Equity Through Inner Work

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