Cindy Sng

About the Author

Cindy Sng is Chief Executive of the Singapore Branch of a Fortune 500 company. She also holds impressive credentials as Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has successfully led teams across diverse geographies and cultures as Regional Chief Financial Officer.


Cindy’s talents extend beyond numbers and business strategy. She possesses a passion for words and the art of poetry which sets her apart. This unique fusion of analytical acumen and creative expression makes Cindy an impactful and profound poet.  Her poetry reflects her fascination with enmeshed paradoxes, showcasing her love for the intricacies and beauty found within them.


In her work, “Tapestry,” Cindy takes readers on a mesmerising journey. Through her words, she explores the trials and challenges of existence, the winding trails of life, and the boundless -realm of transcendence. She vividly weaves the ebbs and flows of life and celebrates the transformative power of the human spirit. Cindy invites readers to explore their own paths, grow from their experiences, and embrace the unique beauty of their personal tapestries.

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