Coco Wong

About the Author

Coco Wong was born and raised in England. She is the Founder and CEO of CEO Kids International, a metaverse where children’s entrepreneurship is nurtured. 


Coco is an award-winning leader in Children’s Entrepreneurship. As a serial entrepreneur, her own journey at the age of six and she has been awarded the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in China (2009), Best Parent Award by the Hong Kong Government and Women of the Decade by the Women’s Economic Forum in 2020. She is a frequent speaker on topics surrounding education and parenting and has co-hosted radio and TV programs in Hong Kong. She was a speaker at the first TEDxHongKong speaking on “I am only a Mother”.


Her mission is to help children around the world find and develop their passions with the correct mindset and most up-to-date skills required for the 21st century, through relevant education.

Coco Wong is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Inspiring Stories of Hope, Courage & Fearlessness (Vol-V). Her chapter is - "All In !e Mind".

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