Dr. Damini Chawla

About the Author

Dr. Damini Chawla is a passionate mother, dentist, foodie, writer, and public speaker based in Singapore. Throughout her clinical career, she has dedicated a significant amount of time to working with young children and individuals with severe dental anxiety, helping them overcome their fears through building strong relationships.


Losing her father at the age of one and being raised by a single mother while moving countries multiple times in quick succession, caused her many challenges. Yet it has shaped who she is today. With determination and perseverance, she achieved great academic and professional success. However, becoming a mother herself led her on an introspective journey. This wild ride has ignited a passion within her to share her own experiences and inspire others to look within themselves to unleash their full potential. She is currently in the process of writing her own book about this monumental journey, titled ‘The Day I Became’.

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