Dr. Yoga Sreelesh Nambiar

About the Author

Dr. Yoga Sreelesh Nambiar has always battled fear, ridicule, prejudices and labels of shame. She was shunned for not being “normal”. Having the odds stacked against her, and encouraged by her parents, she excelled academically. Dr Yoga completed her PhD in mental health, making her the first Indian transgender person to do so.


Her transgender community is deprived of the fundamental rights of other Indian citizens. Dr Yoga has made it her life’s mission to make her people visible. In the last two decades, she has taken tangible steps in creating forums to define and create a roadmap for proactive work and dialogues within the marginalised communities and with the stakeholders of society.


Dr Yoga is a trained classical dancer and has been performing on national and international platforms through her institute Kalasiri Academy of Art and Culture. 

She has combined Indian dance to create dance movement therapy and mental health through a set of breath control practices called Bhutashudhi – A Meditation, which rejuvenates cells.

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