Elena Liapounova

About the Author

Elena Liapounova was born in snowy Siberia and raised and lived in the US and Asia. She has built her career on Wall Street in recruiting, working with major banks, hedge funds, biotech companies, and VCs. 


Having come to the US with only $100 in her pocket and working her way through college. AI and technology have become her bread and butter while building C-suite teams – her true passion. Fascinated by the recent technology and scientific discoveries, she decided to launch her own global search firm. 


Elena’s resilience, grit, determination, and positive attitude set her apart and are the reason for becoming one of the few female recruiting firm founders in the world. 


Elena believes anything is possible! Her mantra is, “If I can do it, then anyone can do it.” She dreams of living a happy long life filled with joy.  


Chapter Title: Per Aspera Ad Astra (Through Hardships to the Stars)

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