Evelyn Obillo

About the Author

Evelyn Obillo is a Filipino migrant domestic worker in Singapore for the last 20 years, a CDE ambassador, Uplifters mentor and a mother of four.


She is an active NGO volunteer. Helping others is her passion. She assists fellow migrant women with their employment issues and integration into the community. She helps them not feel so alone and become happier so that their stay is more tolerable and fruitful. She is also helping Uplifters to facilitate their online classes and mentors the class team leaders.


Evelyn has a friendly, warm and straightforward personality. She is able to connect with her fellow migrant women and make them feel at ease to open up about their employment and personal issues as well as advising them on how to use social media. In her free time she conducts outreach programs and attends workshops that are beneficial to her.


Chapter Title: My 20-Year Journey as a Migrant Domestic Worker

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