Fiona Landford

About the Author

Fiona Landford is passionate that everyone is equipped with the skills to discover their true self and their unique voice.


Having lived in a diverse range of Remote, Rural and Regional areas of Southern Australia, Fiona has experienced first-hand the complexities of living, working and raising a family in these regions.


Fiona’s extensive qualifications include a Master of Inclusive Education, Graduate Diploma Relationship Counselling, Diploma of Counselling, Master of Child and Adolescent Welfare, Graduate Certificate in Education (Special Education), Bachelor of Education (Hons) (Junior Primary/Primary). Fiona is a founding member of the Emotional Fitness Formula™.


After fostering 32 children and adopting a sibling group of four, Fiona saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the system. She created Courage Wisdom Change, a holistic, neurodivergent affirming, counselling service focussing on developing a person’s emotional fitness in order to build their capacity to manage uncertainty.

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