Hannah King-Page

About the Author

Hannah King-Page is a former Musculoskeletal and Pain Management Physiotherapist, Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer in the UK.


In March 2020 she was redeployed along with her whole team at the start of the global pandemic to work on wards and within the community as the gyms closed and classes were cancelled. Life as she knew it stopped. She continued to work tirelessly through the pandemic on the frontline in patients’ homes.


In July/August 2020 whilst exercising at home she began to experience focal seizures. Being a Physiotherapist she dismissed them as diaphragmatic spasms and continued on regardless.

It was only when they started to happen weekly, then daily she sought medical intervention.

A mass on the brain was detected, and within four weeks she was on the surgeon’s table having a craniotomy for a debulking procedure of the tumour. Histology then reported a Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme.

Hannah King-Page is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Journeys of Survival, Empowerment and Self-Compassion (Vol-IV). Her chapter is "From On the Other Side".

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