Heather Cameron

About the Author

Heather Cameron is a Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching. She is a self-proclaimed “forever learner” and strongly believes that the more qualifications, certifications, knowledge, skills, and experience she has, the more she can serve and support others.


Heather is an Educator and Healer for female victims and survivors of domestic violence, inspiring them to break through their fears and limiting beliefs so they too can live more fully, freely, and ideally. She also seeks much meaning and fulfilment through her travel and speaking at women’s events throughout rural and regional Australia.

Heather has built a residential retreat called Lower Lila Retreat on the bank of Warego River, in the peace and serenity of outback NSW (Australia). In addition to nature-loving activities, she also provides life coaching and monthly retreats for women’s groups. For more information on the accommodation and activities including events please visit www.lowerlilaretreat.com.au.

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