Ivan McAdam O’Connell

About the Author

Ivan McAdam O’Connell is passionate about helping others break free of the prisons in their mind to live their true potential and a life they will remember.


Ivan lived the ex-pat life for 16 years, living and working across four countries in leadership roles at a global bank, before taking a leap and travelling the world for a year and a half with his wife and young daughter.  


Prioritising living, learning and family, Ivan then forged a different path.  Building a new flexible portfolio career as a coach, advisor, investor, entrepreneur and writer.


Today Ivan and his family are based in Singapore and help people and organisations globally unlock the secrets to their success.  Ivan works with a growing tribe of families who dream of more, as well as with leading consultancies, investors, startups and professionals, helping them to grow and make breakthroughs.

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