Judith O’Callaghan

About the Author

Judith O’Callaghan is a passionate technology-focused senior business leader whose mission is to leave a legacy of effective decision-making and building functional and innovative (high-performing) teams that deliver industry-leading outcomes, which will make the world a better place.


Judith began her career in logistics in South India, where she grew up. She relocated to the United States in her early 20s and then to Australia, and the rich tapestry of experiences that Judith has gained from living and working on three continents is invaluable. 


Judith’s journey in the IT industry has been interesting and she has delivered more than 500 projects throughout her career but now enjoys working as a specialist Program Director and Practice Lead, inspiring global teams.


Judith enjoys spending time with the people that she loves, and time outdoors in nature. Her interests include travelling and ancient history.

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