Julie Wells

About the Author

Julie Wells is a Women’s Relationship and Wellbeing Coach helping women to breakthrough their fears and find forgiveness to create freedom. She has a futuristic mindset, love for life and believes it’s available to everyone. She is passionate about personal development, creativity, family, contributing to an inclusive society and creating experiences through choice.


Her background is in the printing and baking industries, where she demonstrated creativity, precision, dedication, and meeting expectations. Julie owned and worked in a chain of bakeries with her former husband for over twelve years while raising their two children.


Julie is an author in an anthology about forgiveness, holds a Certificate in Emotional Intimacy for relationship coaching and is a Practitioner in Extended DISC.


She has a “steadfast optimism” and “insatiable curiosity” devoted to inspiring well-being, empowerment, and transformation – guiding clients from where they are to where they desire to be in their relationships and life.

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