Karishma Samtani

About the Author

Karishma Samtani’s journey towards personal growth and inspiring others commenced with the guidance of her grandmother and mother, who exemplified selflessness by tirelessly serving the community. These influential figures laid the foundation for Karishma to adopt various approaches in making a positive difference, showcasing her unwavering commitment to aiding others. Equipped with her expertise in Financial Services, dedication to mental health, and passion for cancer prevention, Karishma emerges as an influential figure. Her impact extends far beyond her professional sphere, leaving a lasting imprint on the lives of numerous individuals she has encountered.


Throughout her professional journey, Karishma has worked with over 3000 students on both a paid and voluntary basis. Collaborating with universities, non-profit organisations, and social enterprises, she has played a pivotal role in helping these individuals achieve their goals. Personally, Karishma’s experiences of prejudice and marginalisation as an ethnic minority have served as catalysts fuelling her unwavering determination to create progressive and meaningful change.

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