Kaveer Sagar

About the Author

Kaveer Sagar, an 11-year-old residing in lively Los Angeles, is a remarkable 6th grader brimming with dreams and a zest for life. Known for his academic excellence, he approaches his studies with dedication and curiosity, always eager to expand his knowledge. When not engrossed in books, Kaveer seeks outdoor adventures, biking through the beautiful mountains and showcasing his sportsmanship skills in volleyball. During winter, he gracefully glides on ice, displaying his agility in ice skating. 


Gaming serves as another avenue for his strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Additionally, Kaveer indulges his artistic flair through origami, crafting intricate designs. As a water lover, he finds solace and fitness in swimming. With his diverse interests and cultural heritage, Kaveer is a young individual destined for greatness, poised to make a lasting impact on his community and beyond.

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