Lea Angelin-Linker

About the Author

Embark on a journey alongside Lea Angelin-Linker, a seasoned Technology Leader with an impressive career spanning over two decades in IT Management. Her expertise lies in various service management domains, including IT User Experience, Transformation, IT Partner, and Product Management.


Yet, in addition to her professional endeavours, Lea is driven by an insatiable passion for exploration. This passion has not only taken her across borders, working in diverse landscapes such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia but has also granted her invaluable insights into the intricacies of cross-cultural management.


In this captivating story, we delve into a road trip Lea undertook during her early twenties, an experience that marked the beginning of her soul-searching journey. This transformative period eventually led her to embark on a permanent international move, igniting her deep-rooted passion for cross-cultural technology experiences.


Presently, Lea resides in Singapore with her family, where she continues to thrive at the intersection of technology and global connectivity.

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