Leena Kapil

About the Author

Leena Kapil practices living a life of consciousness, presence, and authenticity every day. She believes that as we nourish ourselves, we live a life with deeper connections, authenticity, and acceptance of ourselves and others. She is passionate about helping parents strengthen relationships, increase connection, and improve communication with their children of all ages.


She is a Certified Parenting Coach through Dr Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Coaching Institute in the Conscious Parenting Coaching Method™ and through the Jai Institute for Parenting. Leena is also a certified ThetaHealing™ and NLP practitioner, which has given her the specialised skills required for coaching.


She has conducted workshops for working parents, in which she shares mindfulness tools and techniques on how to connect with the self and children.


Leena is also a Vipassana meditation practitioner. She is involved in voluntary work at the Vipassana center in the UAE. And has been recently appointed as a Children’s (Meditation) Course Teacher for the UAE.

Leena Kapil is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Stories of Transformation and Purpose by Women of Substance (Vol-II). Her chapter is "Accepting the As-Is."

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