Lorraine Salloum

About the Author

Lorraine Salloum is a highly accomplished, award-winning Senior Executive with extensive experience in leading organizational change and driving breakthrough results. With an impressive career spanning executive roles in various Australian government departments and c-suite positions in Not-for-Profits and For Purpose organizations, she has consistently advocated for support to vulnerable communities. Lorraine has held a c-suite position in one of Australia’s largest disability Not-for-Profits, as well as c-suite roles in organizations with innovative models that address homelessness, complex disabilities, and trauma-informed care. Currently, Lorraine serves on the boards of three Not-for-Profit organizations committed to improving the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.


Lorraine’s personal journey as a parent of a child with severe disabilities has fueled her passion as a social impact entrepreneur, dedicated to shifting societal attitudes. Her firsthand experience inspired her to establish Ability Advocates, a social enterprise with a vision to create positive change for people with disabilities and their families.

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