Luca Ohanessian

About the Author

Ten-year-old Luca Ohanessian is the proud owner of two unofficial businesses, a customised products business and a bakery in Dubai. Luca’s leadership skills were manifested at an early age where he was elected as the class representative for his class for two consecutive years. 


Luca enjoys relaxing with a book and a bag of Cheetos in the evenings. His musical preferences lean towards both Jazz and classical genres, while the scent of a new book never fails to bring him joy due to his deep passion for reading. 


Driven by this passion, Luca took on the role of Student Librarian at his school, immersing himself in the serene atmosphere surrounded by books. He is also part of his school’s choir group. In addition to his love for literature, music, and writing, Luca plays basketball, likes horseback riding, and excels in technology to the extent that he occasionally assists the school’s IT department with his expertise.

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