Mahal Rajan

About the Author

Mahal Rajan is a speaker, trainer and author. After being diagnosed with a critical condition, she emerged from the ordeal mentally stronger and with a renewed sense of purpose. She is also the founder of MetaDestiny Pte Ltd, through which her speaking engagements and training bring clarity to youths and women who struggle with their sense of identity. Her signature topics are centred on change, identity, self-care and purpose. 


Mahal is a former educator who has served in the Ministry of Education in Singapore for 2 decades. She holds a Masters of Education in English Literature and Bachelor of Arts in English. As an experienced educator, Mahal also works with other educational organisations in Singapore as a facilitator for various programmes. She is the co-author of “Shaken Stirred But Not Deterred – A Collective Memoir of Inspiring Stories from Around the World(project tbc with Global influencers). She serves as a Speakers Tribe Singapore leader and Program Manager in the organisation, Speakers Institute.


She lives with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters in Singapore. Her daily therapy is enjoying a cuppa tea.

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