Meenakshi Aggarwal

About the Author

Meenakshi Aggarwal is a  professionally trained hotelier graduating in 1995. She became a soft skills trainer after working in the travel and hospitality industry for over eight years. A move that came more out of necessity than clever career planning.


Since the early 2000s, Meena has worked as an HR professional. She moved to Australia in 2006, which proved to be a turning point in her career and personal life. Since then, Meena has held Senior HR Management positions with large Australian corporations. 


In 2016, Meena took a giant leap of faith into the world of small business. She helped establish two successful small businesses – a Structural Engineering Practice, which she continues to run with her husband and an HR Consulting business focused on providing much-needed HR assistance to small businesses that could not afford internal HR resources. 


Meena describes her career as a combination of positive coincidences powered by her huge appetite for taking risks.

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