Michelle Harris

About the Author

A best-selling author, Michelle Harris is the founder of Michelle Harris International and has been guiding women and children to empower themselves for 25 years. A mum, natural counsellor, intuitive energy healing specialist, empowerment mentor and guide, Michelle offers emotional healing, mental health shifts, soul mentoring, energy tools and effective life solutions to those seeking peace, growth and transformation. She is also a channel and the founder of a crystal healing system she developed in 2000 and has pioneered various initiatives in Hong Kong.


A sought-after healer who is well-known for her impactful, deep work to overcome lifelong issues and trauma, Michelle draws upon her inspiring personal journey and shares her discoveries and wisdom in authentic teachings. Her signature individual and group sessions (online and in-person) ignite clients to live their magnificence – personally, spiritually and professionally. Michelle has featured in various media and publications and has received awards in recognition for her work.

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