Monica Divik Agarwal

About the Author

Monica Divik Agarwal has demonstrated exceptional leadership in HR across FinTech, Banking, and Technology sectors for over 15 years. Her expertise includes successfully navigating HR mergers, driving meaningful change, and cultivating enduring cultures within global delivery models.


Throughout her career, Monica has made significant contributions to renowned organisations such as HSBC, Barclays, Atos, and Silverlake Group, effectively aligning HR initiatives with organisational goals. However, her passion extends beyond her professional accomplishments. Monica is dedicated to empowering women through executive coaching, leadership development, and mentoring programs with esteemed institutions like NUS, Wedu, and YSEALI.


As a highly regarded keynote speaker and co-leader of a LeanIn circle focused on women’s leadership, Monica embodies the spirit of women uplifting one another. Her commitment to mentoring young girls perfectly complements the narrative we have crafted, where women take ownership of their stories and inspire each other as role models.

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