Natasha Latiff

About the Author

Natasha Latiff is an international human rights lawyer, ESG advisor. She is the co-founder of two award-winning non-profit organizations led by women. One of her organisations, SAHR has garnered recognition from leaders such as the UK Attorney General, Dominic Grieve. Her commitment to mentorship on ESG led her to win the Southeast Asia Women of the Future Awards in 2023.


Natasha embarked on her human rights journey at the young age of 17, venturing alone to Afghanistan during a tumultuous period of war and conflict. At the height of a protracted war and conflict, she found her calling and eventually, met her husband.  Over the next two decades, she devoted her life to leading fact-finding missions into high-profile human rights crises worldwide, advocating for justice for survivors, and empowering individuals and institutions to prevent and address grave human rights violations.

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