Neera Gupta

About the Author

Dr. Neera Gupta is an Entrepreneur, Event Organiser, Bestseller Author, TV host, Emcee, Champion Networker, Marketing Guru, Women Empowerment Ambassador, Charity worker……..the list goes on. Fun fact: She is also a dentist!


As the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Global Influencers, Neera is living her goal of empowering and giving a voice to 1000s of women across the world through the #MyVoice initiative that she started in the midst of pandemic in June 2020. Providing a platform for women to come together to talk about and share their issues and challenges with an aim to become better versions of themselves by listening, learning, helping, and supporting one another through this journey.


Most recently she celebrated the creation of more than 100 Bestseller Women authors in less than one year through the internationally acclaimed #MyVoice book series featuring empowering & inspirational stories of amazing & courageous women, journeying from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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