Neera Gupta

About the Author

Neera Gupta is an Entrepreneur, Writer, Event Organiser, TV host, Emcee, Champion Networker, Marketing Guru, Women Empowerment Ambassador, Charity worker, Publisher…….. the list goes on. But one thing that most people don’t know about her is that she is also a dentist!


From organising top class events to writing and publishing bestselling books, hosting and producing TV shows, presenting at seminars/workshops, working with and leading teams, empowering women from around the world, to giving back to the society by working with those in need. Neera believes in pushing boundaries and seeing things in different ways. Those who know her, know that she is up for any challenge the world throws at her, and always comes out a winner!


She lives in Singapore with her husband of twenty years, two young children – Sahana & Sarang and two fur kids – JD and Kit Kat.

Neera Gupta is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance (Vol-I). Her chapter is "Unique Path to Happiness."

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