Neeraja Rao

About the Author

Neeraja Rao is a filmmaker, producer, podcaster, artist, model, writer, actress and content creator who has more than 15+ years of filmmaking experience under her belt. She’s worked with top television and media houses, from Sony, Star, BBC, Channel V, etc, and has directed award-winning films.¬†


Despite being a trailing spouse for many years, Neeraja constantly reinvents herself. Alternate careers she’s had over the years include being the Head of Media & Communications at CWAJ (Japan), as well as running and teaching two highly successful film study groups.


Neeraja is deeply invested in the education of our future generation, she’s been a staunch advocate for anti-bullying, and parent involvement in education, being the Chair Person of Overseas Family School’s Parent Association for over 5 years. In her free time, ‚Äčother than watching films, she paints and upcycled furniture

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