Nivedita Ramanujam

About the Author

Nivedita Ramanujam is a psychotherapist based in Hong Kong who is highly regarded for her work in treating trauma. She is also a hypnotherapist, mindfulness and meditation facilitator, and registered clinical supervisor with a global client base.


Nivedita has worked with global CEOs, prison inmates, executives, homemakers, teachers, celebrities, cancer, and critically ill patients and adolescents.


She has worked with premium medical clinics in Hong Kong, such as OT&P MindWorx, and is currently a consultant psychotherapist and Head of Corporate Psychology with The London Medical Clinic. She is the founder of Inner Compass Psychotherapy.


Nivedita combines Western and Eastern psychotherapeutic techniques to address the specific challenges any client faces. Her work has been featured in international newspapers and magazines.


She regularly conducts clinical supervision for other mental health providers and trainees. She actively conducts training seminars and workshops in multinational corporations and is a Global Honorary Member of the Della Leaders Club (DLC) Health and Wellness Committee. 

Nivedita Ramanujam is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Journeys of Self-Discovery and Resilience - (Vol-III). Her chapter is "My Journey to Becoming a Trauma Therapist."

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