Noor Maki

About the Author

Noor Maki, originally from Iraq but raised in the United Kingdom after being born in Syria, now calls Dubai her home. Living there with her teenage daughter, she has established herself as a highly experienced corporate lawyer with a remarkable 15-year track record in the legal industry. Currently serving as a General Counsel, Noor handles legal matters across the Middle East and is sought after as a speaker, sharing her vast knowledge and insights at various conferences and workshops.


Additionally, her passion for fitness led her to become a certified fitness coach, and she now actively coaches at the esteemed global functional training franchise.


By embracing a multi-faceted lifestyle as a lawyer, fitness coach, and mother, Noor embodies the belief that determination and resilience can empower individuals, particularly women, to unleash their full potential. Through her varied endeavours, she strives to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves.

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