Patricia Haywood

About the Author

Patricia Haywood is the founder of Master Buildhers™, a mindset and strategic advisory firm helping solopreneurs to achieve massive growth while aligning their businesses to their values, well-being and lifestyle.


Prior to scaling her first business in 2010, she worked with various startups on their legal and business strategies. She has over 20 years of experience advising, starting, running and scaling businesses.


A qualified lawyer, Patricia studied in Jamaica, Barbados, France, Scotland and England. She holds three masters degrees with the most recent one from the University of Oxford Said Business School.


Growing up in Jamaica, Patricia dreamt of visiting various countries and immersing herself in different cultures. She achieved this dream and has lived in numerous countries, including Uganda, Singapore and Indonesia. Now a reformed nomad, she lives in London with her husband and son.


Patricia Haywood is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Stories of Transformation and Purpose by Women of Substance (Vol-II). Her chapter is "Time on the Bench."

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