Priyadarshini Sharma

About the Author

Priyadarshini Sharma is a C-Suite corporate leader with over 23 years of multi-country, multi-industry experience in global blue-chip organisations. She has personally experienced several rites of passage. These include juggling career and motherhood, dealing with discrimination, and breaking through glass ceilings. 


Armed with that experience, Priyadarshini became an author, a professional speaker, and a mentor to share her learning and inspire others to forge their own paths to greatness.


Originally from India, Priyadarshini has lived and worked in six countries, speaks five languages – including Mandarin, and calls Singapore home. A lifelong learner, she holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, is an ICA-certified coach and is currently pursuing a degree certification in advanced business communications at Harvard. 


Being an avid advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Priyadarshini is committed to driving meaningful dialogue on issues of DEI and creating a more equitable and inclusive workplace.


Chapter Title: The Turtle, the Rabbit, and the Level Playing Field

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