Raquel Ark

About the Author

Raquel Ark, MA, CPC, is a podcast host, speaker, mentor, coach and trainer. She has 


over 25 years of experience in multinational corporations and academia. She is the Founder of listening ALCHEMY, a communication training and coaching organisation including foundational, evidence-based listening programmes. 


Her clients include HelloFresh, hotjar, commercetools, Codility, BASF, Fairtrade International and more. She is the podcast host of the listening SUPERPOWER podcast focused on listening in teams and organisations beyond what we typically consider. 


Raquel has spoken on the TedX stage, as well as at conventions, organisations and at schools both in person and remotely. She is the President of the International Listening Association and a university instructor at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Germany.


Chapter Title: The Power of Intentional Listening

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