Rose Hindy

About the Author

Rose Hindy is an experienced Executive coach with over 13 years of expertise in coaching leaders across industries. Through her coaching, she simplifies and engages with senior executives, helping them achieve personal and career growth. Rose’s coaching style is candid and courageous, providing honest feedback that pushes clients outside their comfort zones. She creates a safe space for leaders to explore their true potential, values, and life and career purposes. 


Certified as a professional co-active coach, Rose is also a public speaker and a content producer and TV host for two shows. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and French and holds an honours graduate degree in Computer Science.


Outside of her coaching practice, Rose is an athlete, windsurfer, and kickboxer. She believes in the mind-body connection for coaching success and goal achievement. As a single mother, she dedicates all her free time to her two beautiful children.

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