Roshni Pandey

About the Author

Roshni Pandey is the Co-Founder of BlueBox, an investment and advisory group nurturing and developing early-stage ideas. She’s the Founder and Managing Partner of Lexicon, a management consulting firm enabling organisations to navigate increasingly dynamic trading environments and drive new growth through creative strategy and innovation.


Roshni has worked across global agencies, MNCs, various regions and industries and held senior management roles centred on building and delivering new value. She’s a firm believer in the balance between art and science; intuition and data, and profit and purpose.


Her passion for social causes has seen her launch several initiatives. FutureWise, a skills acquisition program and TRIBE, is a social enterprise enabling children and women from underserved communities in Asia Pacific.


She is a judge for Women of the Future awards, providing young women recognition for their achievements and the winner of several awards.

Roshni Pandey is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance (Vol-I). Her chapter is "The Beauty of Crossroads."

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