Sadhna Upadhya

About the Author

Sadhna Upadhya is a Yogi based in London, United Kingdom, with 2500 hours of teaching experience. She comes from a professional background in hospitality and management with 15 years of experience.


Born and bred in Singapore, she has travelled extensively in the last few years pursuing her passion for teaching and has amplified this by a wanderlust of exploring European cities simultaneously. Her portfolio includes working with many luxury hotel brands such as the Far East Hospitality Group, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and many other corporate organisations providing yoga training services.


She is actively engaged in bringing her own wellness app, “Shunya”, to life, which will be launched in the latter part of the year. Her purpose is to give back to the community through yoga. Sadhna firmly believes that one’s quality of life is determined through daily habits with discipline in place.


Chapter Title: Trust Your Gut Instinct!

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