Sagar Kinhekar

About the Author

Sagar Kinhekar is not only a seasoned professional in the financial industry but also a qualified life coach. His extensive travels around the world and keen observations of various cultures and people have enriched his understanding of life. History, philosophy, and scriptures hold a special place in his heart, fueling his passion for knowledge.


For Sagar, true understanding of individuals lies beyond superficial appearances. He believes that by cultivating deep empathy and going beyond transactional relationships, one can truly grasp the essence of others. Through his writings, Sagar skillfully combines his personal experiences with fictional characters, drawing from his wealth of personal encounters.


In his latest work, the protagonist endures a harrowing accident that leaves him feeling as though he has lost everything. His promising career comes crashing down, personal relationships crumble, and finances reach a desperate low. However, the story goes on to illustrate how he defies the odds and rebuilds a life that surpasses the one he had before the tragic incident.

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