Sandra McGivern

About the Author

Sandra McGivern is a mother and Nana, author and speaker, but she’s also been a hairstylist, a hypnotherapist, an event organiser, and a media voice in the advocacy of drug overdose awareness.


Doing her best writing on aeroplanes, she has seen the northern lights in Iceland, the temples of Angkor Wat, lived in an ashram and climbed a mountain in India on a pilgrimage one easter. She gave birth in a jungle in Borneo and travelled 52 hours into the interior and had tea with the tribal headmen in the longhouses of Sarawak amongst many other travels. 


She has had the seeds of compassion planted in her heart by the Dalai Lama, walked over fire, meditated for six days and screamed primordially from the top of a mountain after ten days in the wilderness to renew mind, body and spirit. 


She has written many blogs, writes scripts for and presents training videos and sidelines as a Guest Hair Expert on the Shopping Channel. She is currently studying with The Speakers Institute. She lives between Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Sandra McGivern is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Journeys of Self-Discovery and Resilience - (Vol-III). Her chapter is "Turning Grief into Love."

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