Sandra Roe

About the Author

Sandra Roe is a Canadian-born author now living in Hong Kong. Her nickname is “The Princess”.


She has had cancer four times, major heart surgery, double pneumonia along with many other health issues.

Sandra had eight cycles of industrial-strength chemo over six months when she was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma – brain cancer. After the chemo treatment, she wrote 15 children’s books. The first book she wrote is called “The Farting Princess”. Sandra has now written 22 children’s books about funny things that occurred during her chemo treatment for brain cancer, as well as when she had a mastectomy and reconstruction for breast cancer and major heart surgery.


Sandra wrote her books to make children and their parents laugh as laughter is the best medicine. She donates 50% of her net profits to cancer research, prevention and cure.


She has lived in Hong Kong with her husband for 17 years.


Chapter Title: Perseverance, Resilience, Empowerment

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