Sarah Cole

About the Author

Sarah Cole, a native of UK, ventured abroad in 2008 to pursue her passion for education. Over the years, she has emerged as a highly sought-after leader in Physical and Health Education. Holding accreditation as an ICF Coach and armed with a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Policy, Sarah has honed her expertise through specialised training in Team and Health Coaching. Her unwavering dedication lies in championing well-being and empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives, transcending both professional and personal spheres.


Having traversed educational landscapes in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Sarah’s current endeavours centre on collaborating with school teams and communities. Her mission is to instil a coaching ethos, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Through this approach, she aims to bolster sustainable change by cultivating enhanced and collective leadership, ultimately nurturing enduring and positive transformations.

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