Sejal Majithia Jaswal

About the Author

Sejal Majithia Jaswal is an entrepreneur, writer, poet and Kundalini yoga teacher. 


Born in Uganda, she moved to India with her family before coming to the UK in 1973 aged five. Sejal has been a guest on a number of podcast series exploring stories of identity, culture and migration including ‘The Journey Onwards’ and ‘Expulsion@50’.


Sejal is also co-leading an international project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the expulsion of the Asian community from Uganda, in 1972.


Sejal is a born traveller and adventure seeker with an abiding passion for Africa. From running marathons (including one in Uganda) to trekking mountains across the world (an ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro is particularly memorable) she has raised thousands of pounds for charity. 


She lives in London with her husband and can usually be found planning their next adventure.

Sejal Majithia-Jaswal is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Journeys of Survival, Empowerment and Self-Compassion (Vol-IV). Her chapter is "Serendipity and Śrāddha."

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